Fireplace Maintenance Services in Columbus, WI

Modern fireplaces require modern fireplace maintenance services. The team at Fireplace Technicians, LLC is committed to remaining on the cutting edge of gas fireplace inserts, fireplace repair, fireplace replacement services and maintenance. We’re always innovating and expanding our core services to provide the best care for your home’s indoor fire features.

Rejuvenate Your Fireplace

How long has it been since a professional took a close look at your fireplace? Even if things seem fine, you might still need fireplace repair in Columbus and Fall River, WI. That’s where we come in, with a full slate of repair and maintenance services designed to prolong the life of your fireplace. From gas fireplace repair to creosote removal, we keep your fireplace safe and functional, so you can stay warm and cozy.

The Conversion Pros

Maybe when you purchased your wood-burning fireplaces, you thought you’d get plenty of use out of it, and that just hasn’t happened. Looking for a less physically-intensive way to heat your home? It’s time to think about a gas fireplace insert in Columbus, WI. We handle gas fireplace installation in place of your traditional wood-burning stove with minimal fuss. Same heat; no mess!

Ditch The Contractors

Our goal is to reduce the stress involved with renovating your fireplace. That’s why we’re proud to be your complete fireplace contractors in Columbus, WI. We offer comprehensive fireplace service from start to finish. You won’t need to enlist outside contractors’ help because we take care of everything, from replacement to rebuilding the surrounding area.

Brands You Know And Trust

We’re proud to offer products and parts from the most trustworthy brands in the fireplace industry, including Superior, Hargrove, Archgard, Design Specialties, Jotul, Kozy Heat, Osburn and Napoleon. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

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At Fireplace Technicians, LLC, we’re proud to offer free estimates on our gas fireplace services to residential and commercial clients alike. All you have to do is call 920-319-0197 today to schedule an appointment.

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