September 25, 2020

2020-10-23 | 04:45:01

"We used Fireplace Technicians to install a wood burning fireplace in our 1886 house. He did a fantastic job making it look like it was original! It was a very challenging install due to the solid, old house. He did a great job. Highly recommend for historic homes. After we moved we used him to install a wood burning stove in our mid century modern Lannon stone ranch! Looks great, works great! I hope I don’t have to move again anytime soon but I sure would use him again!"
September 25, 2020

2020-10-23 | 04:44:52

"Other technicians told us our corner space could not accommodate the gas fireplace we wanted. Dan provided a solution that met and/or exceeded our expectations. The fireplace looks like it has always been there. Although the project took longer than anticipated, we are extremely pleased with the final result, quality of work and money spent."
July 24, 2020

Catherine Brick | 2020-07-20 18:09:31

"Dan is such a professional. I love how he listens to every customer in every situation, and tailors the work to their wishes. He really cares. As his wife, I am very proud of him and the many successes he has had in the 25 years he has been in the business."
April 15, 2020

2020-07-23 | 23:33:52

"Dan installed 3 fireplaces for us, he always when over the top and I will work again with him. Great work Dan!"
February 20, 2020

Philip C.

"Dan installed 3 fireplaces for us, he always went over the top and I will work again with him."