February 14, 2021

Bill Deal | 2021-02-09 17:40:08

"Worked with Dan Block, he came out to check on gas line location and condition of fire box. We converted from gas start/wood burning to gas log. He covered everything with us and scheduled an install which went off without a hitch. Got it done just intime for supercold weather. Bill Deal, Oconomowoc, WI "
January 4, 2021

Joe | 2020-12-30 17:37:30

"Dan came out and was great. He replaced a bad gas valve and replaced the entire log set. Works great and have had no issues. Highly recommend Dan as he does a great job from start to finish. Very friendly and professional!"
December 11, 2020

Gas Insert

"Had Dan install a gas log insert in our fireplace so no more cutting and splitting wood for this old guy. Highly recommend Dan and Fireplace Technicians to anyone that has a fireplace need. Very professional, and personable, reasonable and very friendly. Great Job!"
September 29, 2020

2020-10-23 | 04:44:42

"We bought a "fixer-upper" several years ago on Beaver Dam Lake. We did a great deal of remodeling and wanted to add a fireplace. Dan did a great job in creating the exact gas fireplace we wanted. We met with him several times to look at various options and he installed a beautiful gas fireplace for us. We have had no issues with it and we love just turning it on with our remote control. We would highly recommend him!"
September 25, 2020

SWANEY | 2020-09-24 23:29:32

"Excellent tech. Very familiar with all manufacturers of gas fireplaces. Recently I had an issue with our gas fireplace. On the phone, I explained the problem. He gave me advice on how I could take care of the issue. I took his advice and fixed the problem! Excellent person!"